Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute  resolution process. Our Firm has a strong expertise in providing alternative dispute resolution services. The Firm has been engaged in a variety of Arbitrations in the nature of both Domestic Arbitrations and International Commercial Arbitration. The Firm also has number of clients, both in India and abroad namely Road Warriors International LLC., Srujjan Fenco Pvt. Ltd., Pingale Pvt. Ltd., Nashik Octroi Pvt. Ltd. etc.


The firm holds key expertise in the area of Consumer Protection. The firm has been successful in addressing the grievances of the Consumers by way of filing appropriate Consumer Complaints before the Hon’ble District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Hon’ble State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions, National State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions. The Firm has also been actively involved in filing Special Leave Petitions and Appeals before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, to ensure that the grievances of the consumers are appropriately addressed. The Firm has been instrumental and successful in ensuring relief in a number of Buyer-Builder Cases, Medical Negligence cases including Johnson & Johnson Hip Implants Cases etc.


IPJ Legal as a firm has built expertise to tackle the wide range of issue and concerns that can challenge any organization operating in today’s complex competitive environment. The firm provides guidance to domestic and international clients on matters relating to general corporate compliance including but not limited to investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues/compliances. The firm also actively advises and enable clients to deal with trade related issues which directly impact foreign investments in India.

The firm advises and assists clients on Entry strategy, Legal structuring, Assistance in obtaining approval/clarification from FIPB/RBI, or other Governmental authorities, as applicable, Assistance in incorporation of legal entities, Assistance in obtaining various registrations, licenses, approvals, permissions, etc., Assistance in compliance of various laws/regulations, as applicable, Assistance in secretarial compliance, Assistance in conducting legal audits, Drafting, negotiation and finalization of various vendor contracts, services contracts, etc.


IPJ Legal provides its clients with counselling, advising, representation before courts of law, drafting, negotiating in matters related to copyright and trademarks among other issues related to intellectual property. We strive to provide holistic advice to our clients with practical, comprehensive and innovative troubleshooting mechanisms.


Lawyers at IPJ Legal have extensive experience in various aspects of property law including drafting, conveyancing as well as administrative procedures involved in matters related to commercial and residential properties. IPJ legal handles matters including reviewing contracts and ancillary documents, undertaking due-diligences, attending to settlements and providing all sorts of legal assistance in property matters.


The Firm holds key expertise in Service Law matters and has been able to assist and enable a number of clients to address their grievances before the Hon’ble High Courts, Administrative Tribunals and before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The team has also assisted the Courts of Law in various landmark cases in the matters of termination of service of Vice-Chancellors, Professors, CRPF Personnel etc., to name a few. The team has time and again exhibited and demonstrated its ability to take the cases to its logical consequence in a timely manner to ensure the best results, in the most effective way.


The firm has been actively involved in Army law, practice over the years. The lawyers in the firm have filed various Original Applications on behalf of the aggrieved officers, before the Hon’ble Armed Forces Tribunal and various Writ Petitions and Appeals before the Hon’ble High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The Firm has also been instrumental in pronouncement of various landmark judgments including but not limited to Lt. Col. Shrikant Prasad Purohit v. Union of India, Union of India v. Lt. Col. P.K. Choudhary, Col. Rajnish Bhandari v. Union of India, Col. Sunil Kumar and Ors. v. Union of India, Col. Ranjeet Singh v. Union of India & Ors


The firm has been actively involved in civil and criminal litigation and dispute resolution practice over the years. The lawyers in the firm have represented a range of clients including individuals, corporate entities, government bodies, directors and other institutions in different matters before the courts of law in India, on a variety of matters including but not limited to:

  • Suits in the matters of disputes relating to property, succession, sale, lease, mortgage, joint development transactions and damages claims etc.

  • Bail Applications, Discharge Applications, Trial etc. before the lower courts.

  • Writ litigations including PILs, Appeals, Original Side Suits etc. before the Hon’ble High Courts and Special Leave Petitions, Appeals, Writ Petitions including PILs etc. before the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

  • Prosecution, injunctions and defensive actions relating to infringement of patent, trademarks, copyright, design and confidential information in relation to intellectual property disputes.

  • Actions in tort including negligence and defamation.


The Firm advises and represents various creditors, debtors, creditors, insolvency professionals and resolution applicants in the proceedings involving re- structuring, liquidation and winding up of businesses under the Indian Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code before the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal across the country, Hon’ble National Company Law Appellate Tribunal and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

The Firm also enjoys expertise in various matters related to the provisions and processes under the insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, rights and obligations during the moratorium period and the insolvency resolution process, negotiation, preparation and finalization of restructuring plans, the implementation of insolvent liquidations and voluntary winding-ups etc.


IPJ Legal handles all aspects related to matrimonial and family law matters including but not limited to divorce, protection against domestic violence, child custody and adoption, maintenance, property distribution, wills and represents its clients before the Family Courts and other concerned forums pan India. We endeavor, at all times, to ensure that our clients receive expeditions solutions to their personal problems on various sensitive issues, which are tailor made to meet their specific requirements. Over the years, IPJ Legal has worked on various such cases that set precedent in the field of matrimonial and family law.


Our team undertakes giving professional advice on the various compliances required to establish businesses especially startups, in a most efficacious and time bound manner. We have successfully represented various financial creditors in representing themselves before the NCLT and the NCLAT. Amongst the most important cases that we have initiated is that of representing home buyers as financial creditors before the NCLT. Home buyers need emergent succour in getting possession of their flats, having invested large amounts particularly their life savings in their dream homes and are left as financial creditors once the developer company filed for bankruptcy and/or insolvency or restructuring in case of viability. Also we have represented various companies which require assistance in initiating proceedings against debtors having acknowledged debts and pursuing their matters in the Company Tribunals.